Planning for the Future

Planning for the Future by Anita Brown

We are always talking about planning for our future, be it in the form of a pension where we may be able to retire early or about making investments which will hopefully provide capital for later in our lives, but what about looking after ourselves? What use is it to have the funds to retire early or to buy that place in the sun if we are not in good health to enjoy it?

I’m known in the office as the one always talking about fitness and healthy eating, I think sometimes my colleagues get fed up of me saying ‘do you really need that chocolate bar/packet of crisps’? But I am a firm believer in if we look after our bodies it will look after us.


I’m not talking about having to take up a rigorous fitness regime or cutting out all the good things we enjoy to eat. All we need to do is try and be a little bit more active day to day, if you sit at a desk all day in your job, like we all do at Informed Financial Planning, make sure to get up every hour and walk around the office, instead of just sitting for the whole of your lunch hour, take a walk outside, take in your surroundings, stretch your legs, get some fresh air. Instead of taking the lift, use the stairs, if you use public transport, why not get off one or two stops early and walk the rest of the way. Small steps can make the biggest differences. They recommend we do at least 10,000 steps a day so a 30 minutes’ walk during your lunch break will help towards that goal.


We all enjoy a treat, be it chocolate, crisps, alcohol, but do we need them every day? We don’t need to cut anything out of our diets, we just need to try and eat a well-balanced diet and include all food groups and yes that will include all the good stuff too but everything is more enjoyable in moderation, right?

As we all get older it’s more important that we keep active, have you heard the saying ‘if you don’t use it you lose it’ and it’s true, if you spend most of your days not moving about and being sedately, the harder you will find it when you do want to be more active.

So thinking about our futures, let’s keep striving to retire early if we can and then enjoy our retirement because we will still be fit and healthy enough to enjoy it.

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