Meet our new Administrator, Sam Sharp!

Informed Financial Planning are growing! With our last recruit (Josh Richardson) all settled in, it’s time to introduce you to the latest addition to the team. Sam joined us in May 2015 as an Administrator. Our quick fire Q&A round is always a success so let’s see how Sam answers our questions!

1) Tell us about yourself: Hi my name is Sam, I’m 26 years old and originally come from Cottingham.

2) What was your life like before Informed Financial Planning?: Previous to Informed Financial Planning, I worked at Hull College as an administrator for 7 years in various different departments within the college.

3) What does your social life look like?: It’s not very often I have a spare weekend, I will be out visiting family, having a night out or lunch with friends and I also work part time as a wedding photographer’s assistant.

4) Name your favourite food: I really love sushi but I’d have to say Chinese food.

5) Name your dream holiday: Las Vegas – I have already been twice but it’s my favourite place in the world, I could literally shop till I drop. The sights and all the different hotels there are amazing and the nightlife and hot weather just top it off.

6) You are stranded on a desert island, what 3 things would you take?: 1) An iPod – I couldn’t live without music. 2) My eos lipbalm – I’m obsessed, hate having chapped lips. 3) Orange cordial – never go anywhere without a drink and I don’t like water so that would be a necessity.

7) If you could have dinner with a celebrity, who would it be?: Channing Tatum – I’ve just recently watched  a film with him in it – I think he’s gorgeous, I’d certainly never get bored of that face!!

8) What is your most memorable moment to date?: Becoming an auntie for the first time and meeting my nephew, I know I’m biased but he’s the most adorable child in the world.

9) What are your career aspirations?: One day I would like to become an administration manager.

10) What made you apply for Informed Financial Planning?: A friend recommended Informed Financial Planning to me and told me they were advertising for an administrator, so after researching the company and seeing what they were about I was really interested in what they had to offer and in a completely different area to what I was normally used to – I wanted a challenge.

11)  What did you enjoy most about your first week at Informed Financial Planning?: The fact that the Brian Field’s van comes every morning so I can get a cheeky sausage sandwich or my lunch for the day!

12) What did you enjoy least about your first week at Informed Financial Planning?: The week before starting I had been on holiday to Lanzarote so getting back into the routine of early mornings took some getting used to.

13) What was your very first impression of Informed Financial Planning?: Everybody here is so welcoming and friendly. They also like a laugh and joke so you always have to have your wits about you so you don’t fall into the trap!

14) If you could spend 1 day living the life of a colleague at Informed Financial Planning, who would it be?: It would be Rebecca Colley – to see what a day in the life of an Operations Director is like and what’s involved.

15) A genie grants you 3 wishes, what would they be?: 1) To pass all of my finance exams – first time! 2) To have a holiday home somewhere in the Caribbean 3) To have 3 more wishes 🙂

To find out more about Sam’s role or for any enquiries, you can contact her on