Declutter Your Life

Declutter Your Life by Anjeanette Kemp

This year I tried a concept that was completely new in my life; trying not to let the January blues bring me down.

Taking advantage of the lack of funds and social events, I tidied up my life and every aspect of it. I am not sure if this as a result of dry January, which I attempted for the first time ever, which gave me clarity or if I was just delirious.

As I’m sure all of you were feeling, I started the new year as always with the same mind set of doom and gloom. All the parties and gatherings were over, we got paid early and money had been spent on Christmas presents or parties and the next pay day seemed a lifetime away. I have the addition of having had my birthday New Year’s Eve and starting 2019 another year older and with another year to wait for my own personal celebration.

And so, I set up a plan for each weekend that included 3 jobs; one financial, one organisational and another for home cleaning. I think my OCD was taking over and with the lack of alcohol and events that weekends normally bring, along with the post Saturday lethargy!

Table - Declutter Your Life - Informed Financial Planning

This lucidity and need to organise also affected me at work. The first week back, I emptied and cleared out my desk and drawer and started a new note book to record my priorities.

I even started a new health and fitness plan to declutter my body of the surplus fat that appeared to be taking over and expanding, to the extent that it became a showdown between losing weight or a whole new wardrobe of clothes. I don’t know how this happened but my insatiable appetite for Victoria Sponge could be responsible. I made the insane / desperate decision to follow Joe Wick’s 90 day plan (as recommended by my colleague, Anita Brown who agreed to be my mentor), starting with the 30 day shift plan. Having bought the book, read it through and planned my food and recipes for the week, it’s safe to say I struggled at first! As I had not done any intense exercise for 3 years, I could have given beetroot a run for its money in a colour competition and I could not walk properly for 3 days after each session. Now, a quarter of the way through the year, the colour is a little less even if the aching is still there, but I have lost 1 stone and 3 pounds and almost achieved my goal of losing 1 and a half stone!

After tackling the start to my 2019 in a new way, my mood is great, I feel well apart from the aching. I feel elated and inspired to achieve my little goals each weekend and cannot believe how positive I feel.

Bring on the rest of the year!