Merry Christmas from Informed Financial Planning

Merry Christmas from Informed Financial Planning

December is finally here. Trees, lights and decorations are going up, children are sending lists to Santa, presents are being bought, parties are starting, everyone is getting excited and before we know it Christmas and New Year will be upon us.

What better way to keep all our readers Informed of the merriment at this festive time of year with a little Christmas article!

Although Christmas is a religious celebration, we also need remember this is the time of year to be getting together with family, friends and loved ones. Whilst we should do this all year round, Christmas is the one time of year that you can definitely take time out to show them your love, give gifts and eat meals together. Be kind to those less fortunate and help others in need.

Over the years the meaning of a traditional Christmas sadly seems to be getting left behind us. Unfortunately this could be because as the years go on and our spending habits rise, Christmas appears to be becoming more commercialised than ever (we advertise sooner, shops tend to display Christmas cards etc. earlier) and as much as we may try to avoid it, we can’t help but get caught up in it all.

It also now sees us partaking in a few of the following traditions that we only ever do at this festive time of year.
• We decorate our houses with more lights and LED features than ever before (it seems we are becoming more Americanised, the more lights the better)
• We love watching Christmas adverts (waiting in anticipation for John Lewis) other favourites being Aldi’s Kevin the carrot… and obviously the Coca Cola advert is always the one where we know the ‘holidays are coming’
• We wear hats for Christmas dinner (Then fall asleep after dinner – since when do you normally do this on any given day)
• We think it’s cool to wear Christmas jumpers & hats wherever we go (Shopping, school run, pub)
• We dress our pets up in Christmas outfits (and post all over social media)
• We eat selection box sweets like they’re going out of fashion (even the flavours we don’t like)
• We drink alcoholic drinks like Snowballs, Advocate and Cherry Brandy
• We send ‘Secret Santa’ token gifts to work colleagues or family

And finally to finish of Informed Financial Planning’s 2018, the office is getting ready to wrap things up for another amazing year.

On our final day, the Management Team will down their office tools, pick up their pans & kitchen utensils & prepare festive food and drinks for the rest of the staff. One by one, our ever growing team swap their Secret Santa gifts and we learn just that little bit more about each other. This is always the fun bit!

To end my festive article, I decided to ask a few members of the team what the worst present they ever received was (secret Santa or otherwise).

Lesley Hartley

A cheap smelling perfume in a crushed box along with a pink and white dotty shower cap.

Elaine Fyfe

Me, my sister and my mum all got the same nightie from the same relative (think it was a 3 for 1 buy!).

Elaine Baker

A TV Aerial.

Anita Brown

An Etcha Sketch, I knelt on it on Christmas day (of all days) and then had to wait a whole year for Father Christmas to bring another.

Sam Sharp

A flashing chameleon.

Joe Sanders

A wooden spoon (the team I played for were bottom of the league in rugby that year).

Anjeanette Kemp

A large, badly stuffed (not so cuddly) Donald Duck soft toy from an ex.  This filled my parent’s dustbin when I disposed of it shortly after Christmas!

Joanne Hagar

My husband bought me a frying pan; and he didn’t even wrap it! FYI for our 6th Christmas I handed him divorce papers.

Andy Collinson

A blow up doll named ‘Amy’ from a ‘Secret Santa’ (interesting back story), it was extremely embarrassing taking Amy home in the front seat of my car.

Beth Jones

When I was an apprentice I received a tea tray and nicotine patches. My manager said I took too long delivering the tea and smoked too much.

James Foston

In primary school everyone had to stand up in front of the class and open their presents. Everyone was getting great stuff, games, daft jumpers, aftershave sets and everyone was cheering. I got up and opened mine… it was a Twix. A singular Twix. The spend limit was a tenner! Of course everyone laughed at me and I had to walk out.

Josh Richardson

A caravan guide.

So, that just about wraps it up for another fantastic year at Informed Financial Planning and as the chorus of Auld Lang Syne approaches (which is actually translated to ”as time goes by”) let’s all bid farewell to the 2018 and welcome in another New Year. So have a very merry Christmas from us and here’s to an amazing 2019!