Our Services

Strategic plan

The strategic planning process starts with a discovery meeting and gathering information about your existing holdings leading to the production of your comprehensive personalised strategy plan and detailed recommendations.

The strategy fee entitles you to ownership of the strategy and covers the costs of Informed Financial Planning’s intellectual property, which is our experience and expertise. The fee also covers the cost of the strategy plan presentation meeting where we will walk you through the report.


A good strategy can be rendered ineffective by poor implementation. Informed Financial Planning has a reputation in the marketplace as a firm that carries out the highest quality work. Many other professionals such as solicitors and accountants refer their clients to us because of that reputation.

The people employed by Informed Financial Planning are amongst the best in the profession. The implementation fee covers the cost of our staff and the professional responsibility we assume for accurately implementing the advice.

Ongoing review

This brings a range of services to you, including:

  • Annual and (where appropriate) interim review meetings to ensure that your plan stays on track.
  • Minimising hassle by taking the pain of handling administration and the use of innovative strategies.
  • Working for you. Our advice is not tainted by conflicts of interest and our strategies consider all available options.
  • Managing your investments. We know how important it is for your hard-earned capital to work hard for you. It is the money that is going to provide you with the life you want to live. That’s why we manage it using a scientific process that has stood the test of time. Your goals and the markets may change and that is why we take a common-sense flexible approach.
  • Access to unique opportunities. We have access to investment opportunities that are not readily available to the private investor. Appropriate use of these opportunities can add real value to your investment strategy, increasing your wealth and providing more lifestyle choices.
  • Making ourselves available. You will have continual access to advice by telephone, email, a chat over coffee
    or a formal meeting. Access to your adviser ensures that every opportunity is considered and, where appropriate, included in your strategy.
  • Researching the options. Creating the latest value-added strategies doesn’t happen by accident. Changes to legislation create opportunities and threats that need to be investigated on your behalf. The results of this work are incorporated into each of your reviews throughout the year, accelerating the progress toward reaching your objectives.
  • Providing depth of support. Our people are our greatest asset. Our business depends on the intellectual capital and experience they have built over many years. This depth of support exists to provide you with the best service throughout the year and to ensure that all your queries are addressed promptly and efficiently.
  • Keeping track. The IT we use to model scenarios and track investments are the best in the industry. It is only by using the power of this technology that we can continue to add value to you and help you fulfil the objectives you have set yourself.
  • Accessing a specialist network. We have developed a network that gives you access to experts in complementary fields such as the legal and accountancy professions, raising of finance, estate agency and general insurance.

If you like what you see and think that we may be able to help you why not give us a call on 01482 219325?

We know it can be a big leap of faith to trust others in helping you make the right financial decisions. We’re confident we do a good job but don’t just take our word for it, if you’d like to speak with any of our exisiting clients before commiting to work with us we’ll gladly put you in touch with them.