Corporate Clients

We help you make the right decisions for your business by listening and understanding and then working with you to deliver the advice that takes you where you want to go. Whether you’re looking to change adviser or just want a second opinion, our client focused approach, coupled with our experience and knowledge, means that we’re confident you’ll be delighted you took the decision to work with us.

Our services range from delivering pension advice to employees in the workplace through to strategic reward planning for business owners. Our depth of experience means that we’re able quickly identify the issues and deliver advice that’s right for you and your staff.

Employee benefits

We know that running staff pension schemes can be time consuming, that’s why we provide solutions that reduce your time spent on administration. We also know that employees do not always value the benefits provided by the Company until they really need them. We work hard to deliver communications that ensure your employees value the benefits that are offered to them. Whether this is delivered in one on one meetings or seminars to groups of staff, communication is key. If employees don’t understand and therefore value the benefits, why provide them at all?

Planning for business owners and directors

Effective tax planning is essential for you as a business owner or director. We help you achieve the rewards you deserve for the hard work and effort put in to building the business. There are many ways to mitigate tax, it’s only when we understand your business that we can really make a difference through our advice and support.

Investing money

The accumulation of wealth within the business requires careful consideration to ensure that your wealth is not only protected but also grows. Unlike many advisers, we outsource our investment management to the experts, the Informed SMARTfunds provide you with the knowledge that your investment is being managed by the experts on an ongoing basis. Read more.

If you’re interested in finding out a little more about how we can really help you and your business, drop us a line here or call us on 01482 219325.