A Day in the Life of Joe Sanders!

Posted on July 31, 2012 No Comments

Another month has passed so it’s time once again for our monthly feature where we follow a member of the IFP team – the purpose of which is to provide an insight into the tasks we complete for our clients on a daily basis.

This month we are a viewing a day in the life of Joe Sanders, IFP’s Research Analyst.

A Day in the Life of Joe Sanders

A Day in the Life of Joe

Joe joined IFP as a Research Analyst in August 2011 as part of our graduate trainee programme. He graduated from Hull University with a degree in Business and Financial Management. Joe’s hardworking attitude and ability to work well within the team has already allowed him to become an important part within IFP, in a short space of time.

In his spare time Joe plays rugby union for Hull Ionians and also enjoys spending time socialising with friends.


A Day in the Life of Joe


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